Whitsundays Tour To Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is accessible 2 ways, either a Whitsundays Tour or private boat. For 98% of us the only option will be a tour to visit this amazing 7km long beach situated on the eastern side of Whitsunday island in Queensland Australia. There 2 modes of transport to get to Whitehaven beach which are by sea or air, but firstly why do so many people want to visit this pristine paradise? See Whitsunday Tour Specialists day and overnight trips 

Whitehaven Beach is made from 97% pure silica sand, this means the sand is white and soft to touch but has great cleaning ability’s especially for jewelry. The beach faces north away from the prevailing light south east winds that make the Whitsundays so good for sailing. With no waves from winds and the protection of ocean swells from the great barrier reef, the waters are smooth and crystal clear allowing you to see turtles and stingrays just about every visit. As the beach is away from the mainland, it is relatively untouched by humans and remains in  pristine condition to be enjoyed just for visitors and tourists

snorkelers having fun on a whitsundays tour

Whitsundays Tour by Sea

Most people visit Whitehaven Beach by sea, there are plenty of day and overnight vessels that depart from Airlie Beach which is the gateway to the Whitsundays. Day Tours range from fast paced open boats up to 1200hp to relaxing sailing vessels. The overnight boats start from budget backpacker boats to ex racing yachts and high end small catamarans with private cabins and ensuites. Prices range from $85 to $200 for a day tour and the overnight sailing trips start at $200 and go around $1300 for a high-end luxury tour.

Seaplane and Helicopter Trips to Whitehaven Beach

Although more expensive this is defiantly the best Whitsundays Tour to visit Whitehaven Beach. A seaplane will cost around $299 for a 2-hour flight that will take in breathtaking views of the islands and land on the water next to the beach. You will get around 45 mins to explore the island before taking off for another scenic flight back to Airlie Beach. You can also take the grand tour for $500 which will include landing at the Great Barrier Reef and have some snorkel time. Helicopters leave from Abell point Marina in Airlie Beach and land directly on the beach allowing fast access to this tropical wonderland.

Camping at Whitehaven Beach

National Parks allow camping at the southern end of the beach, to camp you will need to buy a nightly permit for $7 per person per night. The camp has a maximum of 36 people. A small barge does Dailey pickups and drop offs to multiple camping destination around the islands. You can even hire camping gear from them of take your own

In summary

Whitehaven Beach is a must do whilst traveling Australia, no matter your budget there is a way for you to get out and visit the Whitsunday Islands and most importantly get that famous photo of yourself standing on this beautiful beach. No matter which Whitsundays tour you take I guarantee the memory’s will last for a life time. see a typical overnight sailing trip route in the video below


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